"Ravelli" Theorem XB

"Ravelli" Theorem XB is a digitally-run machine with a powerful bridge structure, providing speed, precision and minimal tool wear. As it ensures easy access to the workbench, it reduces the time needed to move the stone pieces. Secure, powerful, practical, high-tech, easy to use and maintain, available with 3, 4 or 5 axes.

Breton Combicut

Breton Combicut is a digitallyrun machine. It has a spindle designed to mount a cutting wheel and waterjet, which rotates around its axis (4th axis) and can tilt from 0 to 55° (5th axis).

The machine combines and alternates wheel and waterjet cutting as per preset programs. This allows to optimize the cuts, thus ensuring minimization of the wastage.

It is also possible to perform both straight and complex cuts in a curve.

Bellani “Comet”

Bellani “Comet” - performs shaping and polishing of various types of profiles, waterproofing, as well as calibration of details if necessary.

Terzago “Rapida”

Terzago “Rapida” is a bridge cutter equipped with PLC for easy and intuitive programming of cutting and slitting of details. It is equipped with a rotating table with fixed latches every 90°, it can be locked in any position from 0° to 360° and a manual tilting head from 0° to 90°.