MARAZZI THE TOP solution for a stylish kitchen and bathroom

MARAZZI THE TOP solution for a stylish kitchen and bathroom

Large-format porcelain tiles enter the interior not only as cladding and flooring, but also with the possibility of making countertops for kitchens, bathrooms and tables. All this is now easier thanks to Marazzi The Top, the 12 mm thick wide-format porcelain tile selection.

The large size of 160x320 cm makes it possible to create kitchen countertops with a different visual effect: marble, concrete, stone, metal and monochrome shades. Water-repellent, resistant to scratches, stains and acids, as well as thermally expanded material. These advantages enable users to work directly on the countertop without damaging its surface. Easy to clean with just warm water.

The exceptional strength of the porcelain allows to build outdoor kitchen counters that do not fade in the sunlight and are protected against frost and high temperatures. One of its most popular uses today is the kitchen island. The two different thicknesses of 6 and 12 mm allow the island to be lined on the sides with the same material, which gives a complete finish to this kitchen detail. Thanks to the new maxi-dimensions of 160x320 cm, the number of joints can now be reduced to a minimum.

The bathroom is another part of the home that usually requires a design project according to the space. The twelve millimeter slabs of large size can be used for countertops, and their thin versions for cladding walls and baths.

MARAZZI The Top offers a rich palette of prints resembling concrete, marble, metal and stone, which come as close as possible to natural materials and enable the realization of even the most challenging projects.

Thanks to their technical characteristics and unique design, a perfect combination of style, comfort and ease of maintenance is achieved.